Jakkalan - จั๊กกะแหล๋น [2011]

'Jeeja' Yanin Vismitananda (Chocolate and Raging Phoenix) is back in a new action comedy directed by an acclaimed director Petchtai Wongkamlao or Mum Jokmok. The film revolves around Uncle Sawang and his niece Jakkalan (Mum Jokmok and Jeeja) whose lives turn into chaos after Jakkalan is hired to transport some smuggled goods to ruthless gangsters.

Release Date : 28 April 2011
Origin : Thailand
Genre: Action, Comedy
Director : Petchtai Wongkamlao (Mum Jokmok)
Starring: Atis Amornwetch, Jazz Chuancheun, Jim Chuancheun, Khom Chuan Chuen, Nui Chernyim, Jija Yanin



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