Reign of Assassins - 剑雨 [2010]

The film begins with a narration of the legend of an Indian monk and the wide-spread belief that his mummified remains have magical power. The Dark Stone gang, having found that half of the remains are in the prime minister Zhang's hands, sends assassins to kill him and his son Renfeng (Xiaodong Guo). Dark Stone's top assassin Drizzle (Kelly Lin) steals the remains and flees. She is encountered by the monk Wisdom, the best martial artist who points out Drizzle's swordmanship has fatal flaws and she can be killed by a master. Wisdom spends three months with her and finally sacrifices himself to be killed by Drizzle, in the hope to enlighten her. After Wisdom's death, Drizzle is burdened with sorrow and guilt and decides to leave her old way of life. She goes to a famous surgeon who changes her appearance and she assumes the identity of Zeng Jing (Michelle Yeoh). Zeng opens a market stall selling cloth. She attracts the attention of the messenger Ah-Sheng (Jung Woo-sung) whom she eventually marries. The Dark Stone, in the mean time, are still in pursuit of Drizzle and the remains. Their leader Wheel King (Xueqi Wang) recruits and trains a new assassin, Turqoise (Barbie Hsu), a merciless girl who is also a sex maniac.

Later Zeng Jing and Ah-Sheng are in the bank when robbers enter. As the gang draws their swords, Zeng Jing fights them and saves their lives. This act reveals her whereabouts to Dark Stone. The Wheel King summons three assassins in his gang: Lei Bin (Shawn Yue),the Magician (Leon Dai), and Turqoise to hunt Drizzle down. Drizzle/Zeng states she just wants to live a normal life with her husband now and hands over the remains. The gang decides to not let her off easily and she comes home wounded and collapses. Lei Bin and Turqoise follow her but are stopped by Ah-Sheng who surprises them by producing a pair of Cen-Ci swords, which Lei Bin recognizes as Renfeng's weapon. The two assassins are defeated and Ah-Sheng takes Drizzle to the surgeon. The surgeon treats Drizzle's wounds and tells Renfeng everything is pre-destined. Flashbacks reveal that Ah-Sheng's true identify is Renfeng, who did not die from Drizzle's sword because he has situs inversus. He has also changed his appearance to avenge his father's death. Drizzle finds out the truth and asks Renfeng if he has ever loved her. An emotional Renfeng tells her that is impossible because of what she and Dark Stone have done to his family, but he cannot bring himself to kill her and tells her to leave.

The Wheel King, having obtained the remains, attempts to use the power to restore his bodily "defect"--he was castrated as a boy and became an eunuch years ago. Turqoise discovers this as she seduces him and mocks him in anger and disappointment. The Wheel King is infuriated and buries her alive under a bridge. He sees the firework signal released by Drizzle, who has decided to engage him in a final battle. The Wheel King comes to a graveyard and finds Renfeng dead. Drizzle then battles him and wounds him fatally, using what Wisdom had taught her. Renfeng revives the next morning, since he was just given a potion by Drizzle to appear lifeless, so he could witness Drizzle avenge his family with her life. He approaches her body to touch her and finds her still alive. Renfeng is overcome with joy and carries her in his arms. Drizzle whispers to him "divorce me after we get home". Renfeng laughs and tells her they have a long life ahead.

World Premiere: 3 September 2010 (Venice Film Festival)
Release Date: 28 September 2010
Origin : China
Genre: Action
Director : Chao-Bin Su
Starring: Michelle Yeoh,Jung Woo-sung, Wang Xueqi,Barbie Hsu,Shawn Yue,Leon Dai,Paw Hee-Ching,Pace Wu,Guo Xiaodong,Li Zonghan,Jiang Yiyan,Kelly Lin



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