Girl$ - 囡囡 [2010]

"Girl$" follows four girls who turn to prostitution through the internet for various reasons. Icy, the leader of the group, sells herself to support her deadbeat boyfriend, Gucci sells her virginity for an expensive handbag, Ronnie is a rich girl who sells herself out of boredom, and Lin sells herself in hope to find true love.

World Premiere: 5 April 2010 (Hong Kong International Film Festival)
Release Date: 2 September 2010
Origin : Hong Kong
Genre: Drama
Director : Kenneth Bi
Starring: Michelle Wai,Seli Xian,Minyi Wang,Una Lin,Deep Ng,Kwok Cheung Tsang,Eric Tse


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Part 1: (692.31 MB)
Subtitle - English and Mandrian (sub/idx)


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