Floating Lives - Canh Dong Bat Tan [2010]

"Floating Lives" centers around a peasant family living in the Mekong Delta and a man’s search for romantic redemption. The peasant family consists of the father Mr. Vu, daughter Nuong and son Dien. The family lives nomadicaly on a boat after the father burned their house down in retaliation for his wife's infidelity.

One day, the children bring in a prostitute who was severely beaten by the townspeople ..

World Premiere: 22 October 2010 (Pusan International Film Festival)
Release Date: 22 October 2010
Origin : Vietnam
Genre: Drama
Director : Phan Quang Binh Nguyen
Starring: Dustin Nguyen,Thi Hai Yen Do,Lan Ngoc Ninh,Thanh Ha Tang



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