Battle Of The Brides - Cô Dâu Dại Chiến [2011]

Thai (Huy Khanh) is a young and famous playboy who is after four beautiful girls at the same time. Trang (Ngan Khanh) is a flight attendant; Mai Chau (Van Trang) is a doctor; Quyen (Le Khanh) is a sexually aggressive chef while Huynh Phuong (Phi Thanh Van) is one fiery actress.

Thai has never been serious with all his girlfriends until he meets Linh (Ngoc Diep), the fifth girl who catches his heart and works as a painter. He decides to marry her as she possesses all the qualities of a dream wife. As they are about to get married, his ex-girlfriends decide to hijack his wedding. Will Thai get married in the end? If he does who is the lucky girl?

Release Date: 28 January 2011
Origin :Vietnam
Genre: Comedy
Director : Victor Vu
Starring: Huy Khanh, Ngoc Diep, Le Khanh, Ngan Khanh, Phi Thanh Van, Van Trang



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