Love In Perth [2010]

Lola (Gita Gutawa) is a 16 year old female student who receives scholarship to study in a popular high school in Perth, Australia. Lola never realizes Perth could change her life. Her apartment mate called Tiwi (Michella Putri) starts to hate her, followed by Ari (Petra Sihombing), and a guy called Dhani (Derby Romero).

Dhani does not get along with Lola and both are always fighting like cats and dogs. Later Dhani gets closer with Lola and she starts to fall in love with him. However, Dhani is one arrogant and egoistic person and he only knows how to manipulate Lola for his personal gain until she fails in her studies.

Soon they got separated and Lola meets Ari and both fall in love. Dhani starts to miss Lola and realizes he loves her very much. However, Lola has a new boyfriend called Ari. Lola must now choose to find her true love in a city called Perth. Who will she choose?

Release Date: 30 December 2010
Origin : Indonesia
Genre: Drama,Romance
Director : Findo Purwono HW
Starring: Derby Romero, Gita Gutawa, Petra Sihombing, Michella Putri, Oliver Sille, Joshua Otay, Michelle Denis Coates



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