My Ex 2 - แฟนใหม่ [2010]

Cee is a girl who follows her sister's step to become an actress in a big movie. While Cee's acting career is going to be prosperous, her love life is collapsed. She breaks up with her boyfriend Aof after she realizes he has another girl, but later finds out that Aof's new girl is dead. Since then Cee is haunted by a strange shape that seems to follow her everywhere. And when inexplicable murders keep happening around, Cee begins to doubt who is behind the threat.

Aka : Fan Ma
Release Date : 28 October 2010
Origin : Thailand
Genre: Horror, Romance
Director : Piyaphan Chuphet
Starring: Chusak Aiemsuk, Jaturong Mokjok, Mic Thongraya, Nui Chernyim, Siriporn Yuyord



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