Cuti-cuti Cinta [2010]

Eava Ealiana is a director of a company owned by his father, Tan Sri Zaini. As an only child, Eava was given full love, money and prestige by his father, to the extent of spoiling her. Educated overseas, Eava worked in her father’s firm and is very fussy about everything, proud and self praising. Always complaining. The workers are more afraid of her than her father. Tan Sri Zaini has a close friend, Datuk Hamzah who has a son, Remy. Remy is a playboy who only knows how to use up his father’s wealth. Remy and Eava was engaged solely to strengthen the business and Datuk Hamzah’s intention is to take over all the wealth of Tan Sri Zaini.

One day Eava caught Remy with another girl. Eava was very disappointed and drove her car to run away from the problem. She drove until she arrived at a hotel at a seaside. This is the start of the story.

Eava’s attitude and spoilt behavior irk all people.
The next day Eava went to a fishing village. She, being the spoilt brat she was commented that fishermen has to do two jobs just to survive, that being a fisherman was an easy job that anyone can do, unlike her, a director in a company. The fisherman, Omar Rudy threw a challenge to Eava to follow him to sea to catch fish. Eava took on the challenge and the story unfold of the many hilarious and unexpected adventure of Eava.

Will love blossom between Eava and Omar?.
Will Datuk Hamzah’s scheme work?
Can a simple fisherman manage to tame the shrew?
Watch this romantic comedy to find out. A movie fit for the romantic at heart.
Interesting movie shot in authentic Malaysian fisherman village.

Release Date : 20 October 2010
Origin : Malaysia
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Director : Ahmad Idham
Starring: Farid Kamil, Nora Danish, Cat Farish, Azizah Mahzan, Kazaar Saisi, Zaibo, Zed Zaidi



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