Senario Asam Garam [2010]

Pak Adam (Azlee Senario) and Asam (Zaibo) are competitors in their business. Pak Adam possesses a good character and conducts his business in a honest and sincere manner. Meanwhile Asam is an opportunist and like to force others in order to achieve his goals.

Pak Adam has an assistant called Tam (Sathiya), whose left eye is not functioning well. Meanwhile Asam has an assistant called Garam (Mazlan Pet Pet), when he sneezes he will change into a nice character and would expose everything good and bad about Asam.

Their rivalry are not limited only to business but also going after a widow, Cik Hawa (Julia Hana) who has a son called Amin (Fimie Don). Cik Hawa runs a small food kiosk and helping her are her nieces, Odah (Nadia Mustafa) and Yah (Adeline Tsen).

One day Asam burns her food kiosk when he found out she is more attracted to Pak Adam. Many methods have been used by Asam and Garam to betray Pak Adam but his patience managed to defeat them. Asam decides to kidnap Cik Hawa and threatens Pak Adam when he finds out both will get married soon.

In order to save Cik Hawa's life, Asam orders their marriage to be cancelled and Pak Adam must withdraw from accepting the tender of school computer lab that belongs to Amin. Pak Adam, Tam, Odah, Yah and Amin decide to rescue Cik Hawa from Asam. Can they succeed? What happen next?

Release Date: 9 September 2010
Origin : Malaysia
Genre: Comedy
Director : Hatta Azad Khan
Starring: Mazlan Pet Pet, Zaibo, Julia Hana, Azlee Senario, Fimie Don, Nadia Mustafar, Syanie Hisham, Adeline Tsen, Sathiya, Angeline Tan



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