Mamarazzi [2010]

Eugene Domingo plays the role of Violy, a mortuary make-up artist who just wants to have kids and is blessed with triplets in the person of AJ Perez as the male in the triplets and Andi Eigenmann who plays a dual role. Violy becomes very successful in her field as a mortuary make up artist and eventually owns a funeral parlor of her own. However, her success with business is quite the opposite when it comes to her children. Her triplets have different personalities.

Mamarazzi Accompanying Violy all her life is her bestfriend played by John "Sweet" Lapus. Violy’s bestfriend knows her life very well, he even knew who the father of Violy’s children were. One day, a man came to Violy’s funeral parlor, played by Diether Ocampo, and asking for a second chance to Violy. Could he be the father of her triplets? Will there be a reconciliation between the two?

Release Date: 25 August 2010
Origin : Philippines
Genre: Comedy
Director : Joel C. Lamangan
Starring: Eugene Domingo, AJ Perez, John Lapus, Carl Guevarra, Aaron Villaflor, JC Tiuseco, Xian Lim, Diether Ocampo, Carla Abellana and Andi Eigenmann



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