Love And Edelweiss [2010]

Release Date:22 April 2010
Origin : Indonesia
Genre: Drama
Director : Anto Tanjung
Starring: Mentari, Mike Lucock, Meriam Bellina, Aldo Bamar, Ira Wibowo, Donny Kusuma, Sonny Tulung, Sarah Safitri, Kriss Hatta, Soraya Puteri

Ryo (Mike Lucock) is raised by his abusive parents (Sonny Tulung & Meriam Bellina) since young. When he grows up he turns into a psychopath where every of his wishes must be fulfilled even by using a wrong approach. As a grown-up Ryo develops his fondness with Cinta (Mentari), who has a boyfriend called Bugi (Kriss Hatta). Bugi is always jealous with Cinta and is quite over-protective towards her when he finds out Ryo saves Cinta's life from danger.

Marsha (Sarah Safitri), who is Cinta's sister sympathizes with Ryo's conditions. She discovers that Ryo is consulting a psychiatrist (Soraya Puteri). Although Marsha has been constantly reminded by her parents (Ira Wibowo & Donny Kusuma) to be careful and surrender this case to police officer Wahidi (Aldo Bamar), eventually Ryo finds out Marsha has been doing research on his personal behavior and is seeking for revenge.

Will Marsha save herself from death? How is the love triangle between Cinta, Bugi and Ryo? Will Ryo commit all his evil actions successfully?



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