Hooperz [2010]

Release Date: 22 April 2010
Origin : Malaysia
Genre: Comedy
Director : Rosihan Zain
Starring: Amy Mastura, Melissa Maureen, Mustapha Kamal, Remy Ishak, Zazleen Zulkafli, Juliana Evans, Othman Hafsham, Irma Hasmie, Dawn Jeremiah, Mazlan Abdul Latiff, Adibah Noor, Rozie Rashid, Catriona Ross, Ali Rose, Intan Nor Saina, Anita Baharum, Akma Abdullah

Seven teenage girls of a netball team called Hooperz fail to perform well due to personal problems and lack of cooperation among each other. The seven members are Atylia (Intan Nor Saina), Saidatul (Anita Baharum), Wan Zulaikha (Melissa Maureen), Nino (Juliana Evans), AJ (Zazleen Zulkafli), Azwar (Akma Abdullah) and Sue Lin (Dawn Jeremiah).

The team led by Wan Zulaikha often tries to unite her team but with little success. Even the existing coach Q (Amy Mastura) is struggling to train the team. As a solution coach D (Adibah Noor) is hired to assist her and help to change the team's performance and unity. Can her presence bring positive changes to the team?



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