Happy Go Lucky - 福星到 [2010]

Release Date: 4 March 2010
Origin : Singpapore
Genre: Comedy
Director : Harry Yap
Starring:Fann Wong, Richard Low, Patricia Mok, Lau Leng Leng, Marcus Chin

A hardcore gambler from young, Hock Lee Poh (Richard Low) is at the same time, an ardent believer of Feng Shui. Always down on his luck, he continues to indulge in gambling all the time. His eldest daughter Donna (Patricia Mok), though petty and calculative, spends all her time and money on lavish nightlife and hunky social escorts – till she loses everything in the end. Fu Xin, Poh’s illegitimate second daughter (Fann Wong) is born at an extremely inauspicious hour and thus labeled as the “jinx” of the family.

Despite the nasty label on her, Fu Xin actually is a surreptitious ‘Lucky Star’ who always manages to avert precarious situations; turning unfavourable conditions into favourable ones, having the Midas touch in everything she does. The straight-forward, unassuming and childlike Fu Xin sacrifices a lot for the family. And in a twist of fate and luck, Fu Xin unexpectedly helps Poh to win a hefty sum of money.

As the plot continues, Poh and Donna find themselves stranded along the streets of Cambodia in a failed attempt to recoup their losses at the gambling tables. Fortunately, Fu Xin arrives to their rescue after a chance encounter with Mr. Morgan, a casino magnate who takes an affinity to Fu Xin. We then see a transformation of luck and favour for the Poh family as Fu Xin and Mr. Morgan become good friends. The blossoming friendship enables the family to have a secure, stable life and brings a happy reunion for the Poh family. The ending marks a joyous reunion and the “turning over a new leaf” for Poh, thus highlighting the fact that family love triumphs over everything.



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