Bang Rajan 2 - บางระจัน 2 [2010]

Release Date: 25 March 2010
Origin : Thailand
Genre: Action,War,History
Director : Thanit Jintanukul
Starring: Chaiyawat Thongsang, Chatchai Plengpanich, Jirakit Suwannapap, Paradorn Srichapan, Puri Hirunyapluak, Teerayut Pratchbamroon

The year is 1767. The kingdom of Ayutthaya has fallen to Burmese troops, and they bring back Buddha statues and prisoners to their own country. In a small farming village called Bang Rajan, the leader of Yantric Warriors, Nai Man (Paradorn Srichapan) leads the way to fight against the Burmese invaders.

The last survivor from Bang Rajan, Thammachot (Teerayut Pratchbamroon) is a Buddhist monk who blesses and inspires the young warriors to fight bravely for their kingdom. The Siam troops are led by Phraya Singh (Chatchai Plengpanich) and assisted by the Yantric Warriors.

The Burmese troops have plans to catch Thammachot, making him the most wanted man. Soon negotiation between the Siam troops and Yantric Warriors commence to decide who shall lead the battle against Commander Suki, the leader of the Burmese troops. Who will be selected and which kingdom will win the battle?



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