Sst...Jadikan Aku Simpanan [2010]

Release Date:14 January 2010
Origin : Indonesia
Director : Hanny A Saputra
Starring:Acha Septriasa, Julia Perez, Ayu Azhari, Zidni Adam, Melody Septania

PAMELA (Acha Septriasa), shopping queen eventually fail at public universities. Although the parents of Pamela and Professor Doctor, and they will not want to pay Pamela private universities. The results of discussions with a friend, Gino (Zidni Adam), Pam tries to find a shortcut to wealth and success without college.

When Pam saw a beautiful master life, Pamela was said to Gino, she knew already its ideals which will support the model store. She wants to be the mistress of a rich man. Gino also in profound disagreement. But nobody does stopped determination Pam.

Although strongly opposed, but because of fear of Pamela getting a heavy resistance, eventually Gino hunting business with Pam, as the guardian. Pamela business smoothly. Nevertheless, the eternal ideals of Pamela, until he met with TISYA La Fontaine (Julia Perez), a mistress of the most popular in Indonesia. Pamela happy to be a teacher raised Tisya.

Also Tisya, there were Nining ( Ayu azhari ), which is also the former lover of an official. With great effort, Pamela spent training and prepared to enter the race of dreams become a maintained woman.

But then, to Pamela in this life that dreamed, just at a crossroads. Does the human defeat Pamela ideals become a mistress side?



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