Pulau Asmara [2009]

Release Date: 17 December 2009
Origin : Malaysia
Genre:Romance ,Drama
Director : Uttam Kumar Thangiah
Starring:Shasha Arsheela,Faizal AF4,Latif Ibrahim,Aziz Singah,Azie Shah

Three friends Taufik, Jeffri and Sam go to beautiful and mystic Pulau Langkawi for a break from their IT jobs in the big city. Each of the youths has his own notion of Love and women. Sober and sweet-mannered Taufik does not believe in romance and says that he will marry the girl of his parents’ choice when the time comes. For ladies’ man Jeffri, there are many fishes in the sea and thinks that love and marriage are only forms of captivity. Comic and na├»ve Sam believes in love-at-first-sight, and hopes to meet the love of his life on the island. Fate however, brings three young women into the lives of the youths. Sam chances upon pretty and chirpy village lass, Sofia seated at the window of a kampung house and decides that she is the love of his life. Sam pursues his love but is shocked when he finds out that Sofia is physically handicapped. Unable to accept her imperfection, Sam flees from Sofia. Sofia’s fisherman father Anwar is heart-broken when he sees his darling daughter in tears. Jeffri saves little Daniel from a danger and at once becomes attached to the cute boy. However, Daniel’s young and attractive mother Amy warns Jeffri to stay away from her son. Jeffri’s every encounter with Amy ends in a fiery and bitter quarrel. Amy breaks into tears when Jeffri calls her a frustrated woman who probably does not get enough love from her husband. Jeffri later learns that Amy is widowed, and regrets his harsh and cruel words. Jeffri realizes that he needs the love of a family, and proposes to Amy. Amy, though regretting her earlier misconception of Jeffri, turns him down. Taufik who thought that no woman can affect his life meets sad, mysterious and attractive Lina. Taufik helps Lina’s father Osman when the elderly man slips and falls in the waves. Osman and wife Halimah are immediately drawn to Taufik’s good manners and soft nature. Taufik is shocked when at a later meeting Osman reveals that Lina is terminally ill with cancer. He feels deeply sorry for the old couple but at the same becomes totally disturbed by the news. After a fight with Sam who accuses him of running away from love, Taufik realizes that he wants to marry Lina. Taufik meets Lina’s parents to seek her hand in marriage but Lina insults him and turns him away. The three youths find that their holiday on the island has brought only misery, and decide to return home. Taufik makes a last minute decision to join a yacht cruise when he sees Lina and her parents amongst the cruisers. The three friends join the cruise in a tensed mood. The climax is a misadventure at sea. Lina and Taufik go missing in the waters. What happens to them? What becomes of Amy and Sofia? Does the love island turn into a tragedy island?



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