Serigala Terakhir [2009]

Release Date: 5 November 2009
Origin : Indonesia
Director : Upi Avianto
Starring:Vino G. Bastian, Fathir Muchtar, Fanny Fabriana, Zaneta Georgina, Reza Pahlevi, Dion Wiyoko, Ali Syakieb, Dallas Pratama

In one Jakarta inner suburb five young men grow up together and establish a strong friendship. They are Ale (Fathir Muchtar), Jarot (Vino G. Bastian), Lukman (Dion Wiyoko), Sadat (Ali Syakieb) and Jago (Dallas Pratama). Ale is the most prominent and capable among all of them while Jarot is the complete opposite; a person who talk less and a very secretive person.

One day a football competition leads to a gang fight where Jarot saves Ale’s life by accidentally committing a murder and after this incident all his friends leave him, making Jarot in total shock and disbelief. Jarot then lands himself in jail where no friends would care or visit him. The feeling of hurt and being betrayed by his friends has turned Jarot into a tough person.

After his release from prison Jarot joins a group called Black Dragon where its greatest enemy is Ale’s group. He reunites with his ex-girlfriend, Aisya (Fanny Fabriana) who is also Ale’s sister and both have to conceal their relationship from others and do it the quiet way. Will Ale know about their relationship? What is the friendship outcome between Ale and Jarot?



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