Nazar [2009]

Release Date: 15 October 2009
Origin : Indonesia
Director : Sofyan D. Surza
Starring: Jessica Iskandar, Renata Kusmanto, Adelia Rasya, Ben

Cindy (Jessica Iskandar) sees a huge promotion poster displayed in front of a mini shop that offers a car as the main prize if anyone could find the car symbol behind the bottle cap of the drink. After seeing the attractive prize she vows to marry a ketoprak seller called Jajat (Ytonk Club 80’s), only if she can pick the main prize.

She makes the vow in front of her two friends: Rani (Adelia Rasya), Dhea (Renata Kusmanto) and Donny (Ben Joshua), who is having a crush on Cindy for long time. Eventually Cindy’s vow turns into real life reality and she wins the main prize and later dismisses her own vow as a joke.

The effect of not fulfilling her vow resulted in her nearly knocking down a pedestrian while driving and the back of her new car got hit by a motorcyclist. While inside the workshop for repairing her damaged car, her laptop got broken accidentally by the mechanic, which resulted in her whole thesis stored inside disappeared.

Her friends advise Cindy to see Jajat to explain what had happened in order to end her continuous misfortune. Cindy and her friends then searched everywhere from his workplace to his rented room and later learn that Jajat have returned to his hometown in Cianjur. The search is extended to his hometown and later Jajat is found.

Finding Jajat is simply not enough as he will get married with the girl of his choice, Lilis. Lilis eventually discovers Cindy’s intention and decides to avoid Jajat. However, she got kidnapped by some gangsters. Will Lilis be freed eventually and will Cindy end the negative effects of her broken vow? Who will Jajat marry in the end?


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