Love On Line [2009]

Release Date:19 August 2009
Origin : Philippines
Genre: Comedy,Fantasy
Director : Tony Y. Reyes
Starring:Vic Sotto, Paula Taylor, Manilyn Reynes, Jose Manalo, Matt Evans, Melissa Ricks, Dominic Roco, Gina Pareno, Ricky Davao, Leo Martinez

Samson (Vic Sotto), an internet cafe owner is searching for a girlfriend online. He asks his friend Tot (Jose Manalo) to help him. Tot used his own photo to chat without Samson’s knowledge. While chatting he gets to know Paula (Paula Taylor), who chats together with her cousin, Bunny (Manilyn Reynes).

After getting to know each other both agree to meet, with the real Samson and Paula meeting for the first time. Two strangers become lovers after their first meeting with Tot and Bunny feeling jealous of their relationship. Will Samson eventually marries Paula? What is the fate of Tot and Bunny?



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