Skrip 7707 [2009]

Release Date:16 July 2009
Origin :Malaysia
Director :Prof. Madya A. Razak Mohaideen
Starring:Norman Hakim, Fasha Sandha, Fouziah Ghous, Que Haidar, Almy Nadia, Pekin, Kenchana Devi Segeran, Sharifah Shahirah, Mak Jah, Ruminah Sidek, Nora Elina, Fairul, Soffia Shamimi, Jehan Miskin, Shahrul Nizam, M. Rajoli, Ainul Aishah, Maimon Mutalib

Burn (Norman Hakim), a film director is searching for a proper horror script for his new film. He asks his assistant Syida (Fouziah Ghous) to advertise in the local paper searching for people wanting to share their personal stories related to horror. The gathering date is set on 7th July, 2007 at 12 a.m. for the story-telling.

As the time and date arrives, nine people are present to share their stories recorded by Burn in video format. Burn is very pleased with his recordings that concluded on the same night. The next day when Burn reaches his office he is greeted with shock. His assistant announces the advertisement received an overwhelming response and reminds Burn the gathering will be held on the same night.

But the gathering has just been held and concluded the night before. Feeling surprised Burn replays his previous night recordings. Only voices can be heard while the visual is completely blank. The question now is who were the nine people that Burn met the night before?



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