Dikejar Setan [2009]

Release Date:25 June 2009
Origin :Indonesia
Director :Harry Dagoe Suharyadi
Starring:Nadya Vella, Frans Nicholas, Dida Airlangga, Ruly Rizal, Winda Amanta, Djenar Maesa Ayu

In order to make an amateur film, three pairs of the gathered adolescent to make a horror film that be entitled was "pursued by Setan". His plan this film will be obeyed enclosed in the film festival agenda indie. So that their film is successful, they agreed to invite the ghost in fact in this film by inviting an expert pemanggil the devil.

But the horrifying and horrifying matter happened to themselves. Gradually they did not increasingly realise the difference between the reality and the hallucination. They were also dragged in the criminal incident that was horrifying in the past that claimed many casualties. Unfortunately again, they must accept retaliation on this incident.

In the condition for panic and confused, they tried to look for people who could open the key to this mystery. They must also go hunting with the "death" that was aiming at them.



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