Bente [2009]

Release Date:24 June 2009
Origin :Philippines
Director :Mel Chionglo
Starring:Richard Gomez,Iza Calzado,Ricky Davao,Glaiza de Castro, Jinggoy Estrada ,Emilio Garcia,Aldred Gatchalian,Mikee Lee,Lani Mercado

A back to back treatment of a malaise which has shocked Philippine society for the past so many years: the mysterious disappearances and killings of Filipino journalists and activists. The film focuses on a hard-hitting radio commentator and his conflict with a former classmate who is a suburban town mayor. The radioman’s story runs parallel to the tale of a student-activist on the run with his activist-girlfriend. These parallel stories are interwoven with a third story, that of the former military man , now their would-be assassin. This killer’s unexpected obsession with his wife leads to a climax of murder and mayhem.


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Bente (2009)

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