HERE [2009]

Release Date:25 June 2009
Origin : Singapore
Director :Ho Tzu Nyen
Starring:John Low, Jo Tan, Hemang Yadav, Andy Hillyard, Sudeep Bhupal Singh, Paul Lucas, Helen Chan, Chang Wai Chong, Dermot McGrath, Ong Chuen Boone

A television switches on. A mind snaps. A man discovers his murdered wife. As he stares at her lifeless body, the events leading to her death play before him, like in a movie. HERE follows the journey of He Zhiyuan, a middle-aged man who struggles to make sense of his reality. Reeling from the sudden death of his wife, he loses the will to speak and is interned at Island Hospital. There, he meets strident kleptomaniac Beatrice with whom he forms an inexplicable bond. As He adjusts to life within, he is selected for an experimental treatment, which forces him to confront the devastating truth behind his past, present, and future. Meanwhile, a filmmaker visits Island Hospital to document the lives of the staff and patients.


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