Agaton And Mindy [2009]

Release Date:27 May 2009
Origin : Philippines
Genre:Drama, Romance
Director :Peque Gallaga
Starring:Louise De Los Reyes, Chase Vega, Cherie Gil, Desiree Del Valle, Audie Gemora, Pilita Corrales, Nonoy Froilan, Dina Bonnevie

"Agaton & Mindy" tells the story of two young dancers from different background. Mindy (Louise De Los Reyes) is from rich family and suffers from depression. Agaton (Chase Vega) is from poor family and is searching for his mother (Dina Bonnevie) who abandoned him while he was a young child.

Both meet in a dance class handled by Tanya Dolokhov (Cherie Gil) who pairs them up in a dance recital. A brilliant and devotional teacher, Tanya encourages her students to tap into their wild sides for inspiration, and this is also the time when their romance



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