Darah Janda Kolong Wewe [2009]

Release Date:30 April 2009
Origin :Indonesia
Genre: Horror
Director : Mamahit Luigi Donie
Starring:Mario Pratama, Shiddiq Kamidi, Trio Macan (nurlela & Teman), Yurike Prastica

Told a story about a bad young man the form and toothed tonggos that was named Gono. Not only that, Gono also did not know itself and really was crazy about the trio of the Tiger. He dared to do any in order to approach the Trio of the Tiger, although must until dipukuli by the boss's subordinate of the Trio of the Tiger.

Like that terobsesi him with the Trio of the Tiger, Gono until could learn that the Trio of the Tiger had the hair-raising childhood experience. That is kidnapped by the ghost Kolongwewe. Gono that had not lost hope, had finally asked help of a Supernatural Power shaman to be named Ki Riman Banyu. Gono then finally had been inherited the drawstring rope KolongWewe as the charm of the female conqueror. The Gono face then became good-looking and handsome. Because careless, Gono even was involved in the problem that was big that is falling headlong under laundry of female underwear. As a result now Gono diganggui by the ghost Kolongwewe.



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