SaRaNair Haao Bpeng - สาระแนห้าวเป้ง [2009]

Release Date:30 April 2009
Origin : Thailand
Genre: Comedy
Director : Nareubadee Wetchakam
Starring: Willy McIntosh,Kietisak Udomnak,Nakorn Silachai,Mum Jokmok (Petchtai Wongkamlhau),Koeti Aramboy

2 new university graduate students 'Starbuck' and 'Langlens' have to prove themselves that they have what it takes to be Saranair creative crews. Their mission is to play a prank on Thai and Korean stars. Mum Jokmok's life will have to be at stake, Ad Carabao's mustache will have to be cut, Kohtee will have to be in the very terrifying situation, and Korean Baby V.O.X Re.V will also have to be teased by them. Can they achieve the mission Saranair Team (Willy, Ple, and Sena Hoy) tells them to do?



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