Pocong Setan Jompo [2009]

Release Date:16 April 2009
Origin :Indonesia
Genre: Horror
Director :Findo Purwono Hw
Starring: Jonathan Frizzy, Uli Auliani, Deriell Jaqualine, Bella Esperance, Rizky Mocil, Herichan

The life of five students that initially normal to changed after the arrival of a mysterious woman. At the time, Cecil (kneaded Auliani) a smart student, evidently just was cut off Willingly resulting from perselingkuhan. Whereas Joni (Rizky Mocil) was one of the immigrant's children from Garut that was relaxed underwent his lecture. And Emilio (Herichan), his intimate friend who was loyal and often became Joni ignorance casualties.

One day, suddenly the five of them were called to appear before Mr Dekan and get the task of helping the sister Saskia, the mysterious woman to arrange the Old People's Home. Initially they protested against Mr Dekan. But they were hypnotised when the sister Saskia emerged and stated their ability to help.

The horrifying incident continued to happen. In fact without being that realised that they just entered into the agreement with the devil, who only did not need their power but also their life. Would they succeed in going out?



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