Mati Suri [2009]

Release Date:8 April 2009
Origin : Indonesia
Genre: Horror
Director :Rizal Mantovani
Starring: Nadine Chandrawinata, Yama Carlos, Tyas Mirasih

Die was not enough one Time. Told a story about about a pretty girl who will marry, Abel (Nadine Chandrawinata). When gazing at his marriage with Wisnu (Yama Carlos), emerged a woman who was pregnant claimed to Abel that he contained the child Wisnu. And when his marriage was not cancelled, then he will disrupt his marriage. Because frustasi, Abil decided to try the suicide. It was lucky that Abel could be still being rescued and for the time being he lived in his friend's Villa, Charlie (Keith foo). But, the Abel life began to be disrupted by horrifying matters. The terrorism incident threatened his life. Until there remained one method to be safe, that is back to during where he had died for a moment or died the shuttle comb.



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