Kuntilanak Beranak [2009]

Release Date:12 February 2009
Origin : Indonesia
Genre: Horror
Director :Ian Jacobs
Starring: Garneta Harun, Monique Henry, Dion Wiyoko, Vikri Rahmat, Ismi Melinda

Bimo obsession was to make presentation of smelly television horror with available concept. With Mia, Aline and Bobby they agreed to croak related about a dancer "ronggeng" who was lost. When they will carry out the trip looked for the village where she was lost, one of their friends forced them to go along. Finally all of them agreed Dea went along with them. In this village, no person also wanted to tell about the incident that made that ronggeng was lost.

When they decided to come home, they in visited someone who was mute, that wanted to take them to the management house that ronggeng. Ms. Aline that who has sixth sense, saw had something that did not freeze happened to Aline. His mother asked Aline to not come back that place. Aline informed Bimo, but Bimo did not believe. They continued to investigate and make the documentation of the dancer. By being opened had the property dancer's house, they then entered. One by one they died. Finally remained at Aline and Mia.

And the cause of dancer's death that was the implant that still was buried on the body of the dancer. The choice like this was difficult to happen to Mia and Aline when escaping, died with his friends and helped the dancer in order to be able to be free from the implant and die calmly, or looked for the road and left the house itu.They chose the choice that was difficult, when they placed the meaning of the friendship in their choice.



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