Best In Time - ความจำสั้น แต่รักฉันยาว [2009]

Release Date : 5 March 2009
Origin : Thailand
Genre: Drama,Romance
Director : Youngyooth Thongkonthun
Starring:Arak Amornsupasiri, Yarinda Bunnag, Sunsanee Wattananukul, Krit Sethamrong

It is said that goldfish's memory only last for 3 seconds. Just when it swims from one side to another side in it's bowl, it begins to forget what just happened.Because human isn't the same creature as goldfish, we apparently don't forget things that fast, especially, the one we love. Just like Keng, (Arak Amornsupasiri), who comes across his first love, Fai, (Yarinda Bunnag), when she takes her dog to his clinic. Keng knows that Fai married his best friend years ago, but now she divorced. This time, Keng hesitates to start over his relationship with Fai, pretending that he hasn't known her. It seems to work when Fai indeed couldn't remember Keng.

But sometimes when we want to remember something, we forget. Just like aunt Sompit and uncle Jamrat, who met at computer club for elderly. Every Sunday, uncle Jamrat drives from Chumporn to Bangkok, just to be with aunt Sompit for 3 hours each week. Their love stumbles over an obstacle when aunt Sompit's family disagree to let their mother having new love in her golden age. When her family is going to settle down in another country, aunt Sompit hurriedly flees to Chumporn to be with uncle Jamrat. They don't even realize that day and age become the major factor that could take them apart.

Because we're not goldfish, we don't easily forget love. The more we remember, the more we hurt, we still keep struggling for long lasting love.


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