Before Valentine - ก่อนรัก...หมุนรอบตัวเรา [2009]

Release Date :5 February 2009
Origin : Thailand
Genre :Romance
Director :Songsak Mongkoltong
Starring:Thanachat Tulayachat,Tanakrit Panitchwit,Diana Jongjintanakarn,Jaturong Mokjok,Klaokaew Sintepdol

Synopsis :Before Valentine, a romance-comedy centers to people who are in love and how they handle their situations before and during Valentine celebration. The film is included love story from four couples.

Joke, a timid boy secretly admires his best friend Jib. Before Valentine is coming, he decides to confess his feeling toward her. Is it Joke who always in Jib's heart, or just a best friend?

Confusing couple like Suti and Chichanok seems to have problem on and on. They broke up and then tried to start over for many times. This time it's Chidchanok who wants to end this pain and begins to plant a relationship with her new boyfriend, settling down and has a happy family, while suti planning to propose her before Valentine. Is there a chance for a new starting over?

Married couple Here and Jae who have been together for 10 years never sweetly talk to one another. They seem to ignore to show their love and care. And before Valentine is coming, something happens to be the twist in their love life. Here is attracted by a pretty girl next door and it comes to the point whether Here and Jae would end their long relationship on this situation.

Jack and Mam is a perfect couple. They've been in relationship for years and are going to marry before Valentine. But a misunderstanding situation causes Mam to suspect that Jack is cheating on her. To give Jack a lesson, Mam turns to date another guy. What would Jack do to defeat the obstacle and explain to truth to Mam?


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