The Happiness of Kati - ความสุขของกะท [2009]

Release Date :8 January 2009
Origin :Thailand
Genre :Drama,Family
Director : Genwaii Thongdeenok
Starring:Krissada Sukosol Clapp, Khemupsorn Sirisukha, Patsorn Kongmeesuk

Synopsis : Kati, a nine-year-old girl whose mother is suffering from an incurable illness. Kati must go through steps of happiness and sorrow, bonding and separation, having her hopes fulfilled and losing something she loves. Nevertheless, kati has learned through these steps that the sorrow from her losses cannot take away her happiness she has received from her mother's love and bonding. This experience allows the little girl to grow up with confidence and courage to live on. She knows who loves her, and who her love ones are.


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