Blue Sky of Love - ฟ้าใส ใจชื่นบาน [2009]

Release Date :15 January 2009
Origin : Thailand
Genre :Comedy
Director :Krerkchai Jaiman, Napaporn Poonchareon
Starring : Pichaya Watchitpan, Romchat Kamsiri, Kom Chuancheun, Fandee Chanyathanakorn

Synopsis :Set in October 1976, during a revolutionary period in Thai history, the drama-comedy Blue Sky of Love tells a story of a university girl who wished to follow her ideology in working for people. She left her comfortably living in Bangkok to participate with the army of communism party located in remote forest. There, she met new companions who utterly have different point of view in their lives. Among these people, the girl found a guy who stands for his strong ideology, and she started to admire him.



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