Si Jago Merah [2008]

Release Date :13 November 2008
Origin :Indonesia
Director :Iqbal Rais
Starring:Ringgo Agus Rahman, Desta Club 80’s, Ytonk Club 80’s, Judika, Poppy Sovia, Tika Putri, Sarah Sechan, Joe Project Pop, Indra Birowo, Magdalena, Billy W. Polli, Epy Kusnandar

:The story was begun from the Campus of the Merdeka University that called 4 students that is GITO PRAWOTO (Desta Club 80 apostr s), Dede RIFAI (Ringgo Agus Rahman), KUNCORO PRASETYO (Yton Club 80 apostr s) & ROJAK PANGGABEAN (Judika). They were threatened by D.O. just because of menunggak tuition fees while 4 semesters were endless, their parents evidently still could not have financed the lecture because of the different problem. The Kampus side gave the concession so that they could continue to go to class, but continue to must pay minimal one semester in time several days.

Respectively MENCARI UANG, Gito sold the motor, Kuncoro sold the car, Dede pinjem money was the same his girlfriend of NOLA (Poppy Sovia), whereas Rojak received order the Demonstration to gather 100 demonstrators.

Evidently they continued to need the cost to live everyday, moreover some of the they beforehand were in a life style of the capital.

Kuncoro gave the solution so that the operational cost is covered and asks them to look for the leased house close to the campus, and underwent the pattern of the simple life. They then currently are friends, live with in the leased house, until ideas then sprang up to anticipate sluggish him the consignment of money from parents, one of them was the WORK of the alias APPRENTICE part-time job. But, part time job that made the four of them tired. The lecture schedule became messy, in fact the final test the semester was increasingly close. Gito that always was tired then increasingly often dreamed of being burnt in hell. Gito got the idea, the idea searched part time job that tired and seized much time. Gito explained to his friends about his idea of working as the KEBAKARAN EXTINGUISHER.

Briefly related after taking part in the training, they were received by the work of the apprentice in the Kebakaran Extinguisher, as Cadangan troops with equipment an existence and was given by the task of treating the FIRE ENGINE that has been OLD, that was known with the term THE JAGO MERAH.

Following days were filled with the behaviour polah the friendship that was established reluctantly, the GITO love story and AIRIN (Tika Putri) that was full of "water and fire", as well as confusion undertook the task as the Kebakaran Extinguisher. As far as them to the supervisor's point, students "were lucky" this" got his identity through a heroic action for nothing that made them receive the appreciation from the Mayor.

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